College of Natural Sciences Colorado State University IHPC Program

Ongoing Offerings

 Specific Health Concerns

• weight management
• smoking cessation
• pain management
• eating disorders
• support for individuals with other medical concerns or clinical issues (e.g., insomnia, diabetes, struggles with fertility and conception, sexually transmitted diseases, various types of chronic illness, autoimmune disease, etc.)
• experiential social skills and wellness groups for individuals with ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, high-functioning Autism or Aspberger’s, or social anxiety

 Coping and Wellness

• stress management and relaxation
• mindfulness and meditation instruction
• depression and anxiety
• healing from trauma
• dealing with conflict (assertiveness, non-violent communication, anger management)
• family dynamics
• grief, loss, caregiving, and end-of-life issues
• women’s issues and men’s issues: health, wellness, and spirituality, sexuality and relationships, identity issues, LGBT support


• lifestyle coaching for life transitions, crises, self-
care, or adherence to better health practices
• how to maintain and support good health, and
 explore new realms of wellness

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