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The Foundation

In 2012, Joan Haase created the “Foundation for the Aging Clinic of the Rockies” in her husband’s memory, Albert M. Haase, through a generous donation to CSU.  Known for their giving spirits in the community, Joan and Albert were always willing to help others—whether it be offering someone vegetables from their garden, a ride to see family members, or a home cooked meal.  Their house was a welcoming place, where friends and family could stop by any time to say hello and enjoy lively discussion.  Following his stroke, Albert remained active in the community, helping others as much as possible.  Joan continued to care for Albert in their home until his death, more than a decade later after his first stroke.  During that time, the two of them gained a deep understanding of the challenges that the caregiver, as well as the care recipient experience. 

Joan and Albert Haase continued to demonstrate their life-long commitment to helping others through their generous donation to the Aging Clinic of the Rockies.  Their gift helps to support the clinic’s services offering counseling for caregivers of older adults. 

Albert image

Albert M. Haase (1929-2012)

Joan and Albert image

Joan and Albert Haase

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