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Aging Clinic of the Rockies

About Us

Each therapist and team member at Aging Clinic of the Rockies shares a passion for improving the lives of older adults and their loved ones. We take a holistic approach to Client-Centered Care that includes counseling and assessment services that are tailored to meet each individual’s needs.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults and their loved ones, through the promotion of dignity and overall well-being. 

Principles of Service

Providing Quality Mental Health Services = We are dedicated to serving our public with evidence-based therapeutic mechanisms. Striving continually to improve our practices using assessment, research and evaluation to ensure quality service.

Utilizing Assessment to Guide Therapy and Services = One of the main goals of ACoR is to help the family and the clients’ providers understand the client’s strengths and weaknesses to facilitate optimal care and to best guide care and communication.  We use neuropsychological assessment to establish baseline cognitive processing levels, determine whether the client may be at risk for progressive dementia and to guide services in the clients’ life.

Meeting Needs of our Community = We are committed to the health of our clients and the community we serve. Each person seeking aid receives the therapeutic assistance they desire at an affordable cost.

Finding Meaning In Caregiving = In addition to serving older adults in our community we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of those who care for elders. Our interventions are designed to address the needs of caregivers by increasing and improving :
·      Coping skills,
·      Self-care,
·      Decision making
·      Problem solving  
These techniques help caregivers cope with stress and strain of caregiving and focus on the strengths and noble meaning inherent in the caregiving role. 


These core values guide our therapeutic process:
·      Respect
·      Trust
·      Integrity
·      Empowerment
·      Dignity
·      Diversity


The Aging Clinic of the Rockies is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of helping older adults and their families adjust to challenges that come with aging.

Lynne  McClelland, Psy. D.Our Founder: Lynne McClelland, Psy. D., founded the Aging Center of the Rockies to provide quality mental health services tailored to the needs of older adults and their loved ones at a low cost. She became inspired during her doctoral work, where she realized there were limited opportunities for older adults and their families to receive services in Larimer County.  In 2007, she founded the first individual counseling program designed specifically for caregivers in Larimer County.  The service blossomed into the Aging Clinic of the Rockies thanks to Dr. Lynne McClelland’s passion for improving the quality of lives of older adults and their loved one.



Tammi Vacha-Haase, Ph.D., Director & HazelUnder the guidance of our past director, Dr. Tammi Vacha-Haase, Licensed Psychologist, the Aging Clinic of the Rockies continued to impact the community by delivering low cost psychological services to older adults.  In addition, services have been vastly expanded to provide specialized counseling services for caregivers. The caregiver program in collaboration with the Larimer County Office on Aging is currently able to offer session at NO COST.







deannaOur current director, Dr. Deana Davalos, Licensed Psychologist, has over a decade of experience in neuropsychological assessment and providing assessment services to older adults while serving as a neuropsychologist at the Center for Neurorehabilition Services in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She is also actively involved in research that focuses on identifying cognitive deficits and/or neurological and psychological disorders via neuropsychological assessment and neurophysiological recordings.  Dr. Davalos, along with her team at ACoR, are dedicated to providing high quality and interdisciplinary care to older adults in the area to facilitate healthy aging and by providing a place where older adults and their families can come for mental health care and assessment.



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