Image of applied social faculty and grad studentsApplied Social and Health Psychology

Students trained in this program develop a strong methodological background and learn to use multiple research techniques to investigate social issues that have major impact on people, organizations, and communities. Through a selection of courses, active research involvement, and teaching opportunities, students tailor a program of study to their individual career goals. Graduates from the program go on to careers in academia, the private sector, and government agencies.

The program offers concentrations in Health Psychology, Environmental Psychology, and Occupational Health Psychology. Research emphases within the program include adolescent substance use and prevention, preventive health behavior (e.g., condom use, injury prevention), suicide etiology and prevention, relationship processes, well-being, stereotyping and prejudice, school disengagement, conflict resolution, caregiving for people with Alzheimer’s, interactions with natural and built environments, and women in science. Faculty members in the program have a special focus on the study of underserved groups including women, ethnic minorities, and rural communities.

The program utilizes a mentorship model. Students are matched to a specific faculty member according to area of interest and by mutual consent of the student and faculty member. The faculty member serves as a mentor to the student, helping to guide the student through the program. However, students are encouraged to collaborate withImage of painting titled The Social Tree other faculty and students to gain a wide range of research experiences. Our faculty have diverse training and interests, but all share a desire to use social psychological research to improve people’s lives.

The Fort Collins Alzheimer’s Association sponsors the Memories in the Making art program. Volunteers work with small groups of individuals with dementia and encourage them to express themselves by painting with watercolors. The winning artwork is professionally framed and auctioned by the Alzheimer’s Association as a major fundraiser. The work depicted here was painted by a retired schoolteacher named Gram Scott in 2002. She titled it “The Social Tree” and it was purchased by Dr. Paul Bell, one of the founding members of the Applied Social program, as a reminder of the common connections among the diverse interests in the program.

We only accept applications for the Fall semester.

Application due date is January 15th.

Application instructions and links are located here.

Carl F. Hummel (Ph.D., 1977), Associate Professor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, AR

Ray W. Cooksey (Ph.D., 1981), Professor, Human Resource Management, University of New England, Australia

William A. Barnard (Ph.D., 1981), Professor Emeritus, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

Thomas C. Greene (Ph.D., 1983), Professor, Department of Psychology, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY

Linda Mannik Kline (Ph.D., 1984), Professor, Department of Psychology, California State University, Chico, CA

Christopher R. Grace (Ph.D., 1988), Professor and Associate Provost, Biola University, La Mirada, CA

Jeffrey M. Smith (Ph.D., 1988), Associate Professor, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY

Nancy Krizek Karlin (Ph.D., 1989), Associate Professor, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

Ruth W. Edwards (Ph.D., 1990), Research Scientist and Co-Director, Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Marc E. Fusco (Ph.D., 1990), Usability Engineer, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC

Diane K. Martichuski (Ph.D., 1992), Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Carol Lynne Baird (Ph.D., 1994), Degree Awarded Posthumously

Deborah Nava Watson Acosta (Ph.D., 1994), Research Associate, Omni Institute, Denver, CO and Research Scientist, Institute for Research on Social Problems, Boulder, CO

Mark L. Harvey (Ph.D., 1995), Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Asheville

Nora L. Bensko (Ph.D., 1995), Strategic Crime Analyst, Crime Analysis Unit, Arvada Police Department, Arvada, CO

Andrea Clarke (Ph.D., 1996), Agricultural Economist/Psychologist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Annapolis, MD

Andrej A. Birjulin (Ph.D., 1997 ), Research Director & Educational Consultant, Self-Employed

Patricia A. Ellison-Potter (Ph.D., 1997), Management Analyst Department of Transportation, Washington DC

Cheryl L. Asmus (Ph.D., 1998), Founder and Owner e-Training for Dogs (see

Amy L. Cota-McKinley (Ph.D., 1999), Associate Professor Worcester State University

William D. Woody (Ph.D., 1999), Professor University of Northern Colorado

Britt L. Mace (Ph.D., 1999), Professor and Chair Department of Psychology, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT

Steven M. Elias (Ph.D., 2001), Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Professor New Mexico State University, Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship Program

Steven Yalowitz (Ph.D., 2001), Principal Audience Viewpoints Consulting

Scott C. Bates (Ph.D., 2001), Associate Vice President for Research & Associate Dean Utah State University

Jacob Eisenberg (Ph.D., 2001), Academic Director UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

Jennifer B. Yaffee (Ph.D., 2002), Lecturer California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Dawn K. Nannini (Ph.D., 2003), Research and Evaluation Specialist TEAM Fort Collins

Sarah Tragesser (Ph.D., 2005), Associate Professor Washington State University

Marc Broderson (Ph.D., 2005), Senior Researcher Marzano Research Laboratory

Nick Perrine (Ph.D., 2005), Director, Knowledge Management and Implementation Support Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Nazanin Mohajeri-Nelson (Ph.D., 2006), Director of Data Program Evaluation and Reporting, Colorado Department of Education

Patricia Gonzales (Ph.D., 2006), Research Assistant Professor San Diego State University

Sara Anne Tompkins (Ph.D., 2006), Owner/Consultant Madipen Group, LLC

Patricia Romano (Ph.D., 2008), Assistant Professor St. Edward’s University

Shannon Altenhofen (Ph.D., 2008), Psychologist Namaqua Elementary  School

Itsumi Kakefuda (Ph.D., 2008), Director at Center for Child Daycare Nursery Safety Research and Training, Tokyo, Japan

Monica Rosales, (Ph.D., 2008), Research Analyst Los Angeles Department of Public Health

Megan O’Grady (Ph.D., 2009), Research Scientist, Associate Director of Health Services Research The Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University

Gretchen Nurse (Ph.D., 2009), Adjunct Professor California State Sacramento

Julie Taylor-Massey (Ph.D., 2009), Assistant Professor Colorado State University

Kristina Wilson (Ph.D., 2010), Director Office of Performance Improvement, Florida Department of Health in Duval County

Jake Benfield (Ph.D., 2010), Assistant Professor Penn State-Abington

Laurie Chapin (Ph.D., 2010), Lecturer Victoria University

Helena Chui (Ph.D., 2010), Post Doctoral Research Fellow Flinders University

Julie Maertens (Ph.D., 2011), Lead Evaluator Colorado State University STEM Center

J. Taylor Moore (Ph.D., 2011), Program Evaluation Manager Mental Health Center of Denver

Rob Jakubowski (Ph.D., 2011), Program Effectiveness Manager  Denver Public Schools

Lindsey (Harkabus) Fast (Ph.D., 2012), Assistant Professor Western State Colorado University

Janet Craighead (Ph.D., 2012), Healthcare/Measurement/Research Psychologist/Research Nurse Scientist Clinical Education and Innovation Center, University of Colorado Health

Danielle Dickens (Ph.D., 2014), Assistant Professor Spelman College

Annette Shtivelband (Ph.D., 2014), Founder/Principal Consultant Research Evaluation Consulting, LLC

Adam Zaleski (Ph.D., 2015), Instructor Kauai Community College

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