College of Natural Sciences Colorado State University Department of Psychology

Applied Social and Health Psychology After Graduation

Graduates from 1997 and earlier

Carl F. Hummel (Ph.D., 1977), Associate Professor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, AR

Ray W. Cooksey (Ph.D., 1981), Professor, Human Resource Management, University of New England, Australia

William A. Barnard (Ph.D., 1981), Professor Emeritus, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

Thomas C. Greene (Ph.D., 1983), Professor, Department of Psychology, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY

Linda Mannik Kline (Ph.D., 1984), Professor, Department of Psychology, California State University, Chico, CA

Christopher R. Grace (Ph.D., 1988), Professor and Associate Provost, Biola University, La Mirada, CA 

Jeffrey M. Smith (Ph.D., 1988), Associate Professor, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY

Nancy Krizek Karlin (Ph.D., 1989), Associate Professor, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

Ruth W. Edwards (Ph.D., 1990), Research Scientist and Co-Director, Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Marc E. Fusco (Ph.D., 1990), Usability Engineer, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC

Diane K. Martichuski (Ph.D., 1992), Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 

Carol Lynne Baird (Ph.D., 1994), Degree Awarded Posthumously 

Deborah Nava Watson Acosta (Ph.D., 1994), Research Associate, Omni Institute, Denver, CO and Research Scientist, Institute for Research on Social Problems, Boulder, CO 

Mark L. Harvey (Ph.D., 1995), Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Asheville

Nora L. Bensko (Ph.D., 1995), Strategic Crime Analyst, Crime Analysis Unit, Arvada Police Department, Arvada, CO

Andrea Clarke (Ph.D., 1996), Agricultural Economist/Psychologist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Annapolis, MD

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