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Career Counseling and Assessment Clinic

High School Assessment

Making decisions about what to do after high school can be tough.  Information gathered from psychological tests is useful because it provides objective information that can help inform those decisions.  Our assessment and counseling services include the measurement of important aspects of our clients’ developing “vocational personalities.”  In their meetings with counselors, clients discuss the compatibility of their work personalities with various occupational fields and college majors.  
For high school clients, our testing and assessment program measures the following characteristics:

Predictions of likely success and likely satisfaction in representative college majors and occupations are discussed based on test results and in-session discussion.

In addition to test scores, our counselors explore with clients how various career options may fit with their overall lifestyle and life goals.

The vocational assessment and counseling services offered for high school students at PSC are designed for individuals who are looking for some direction as they think about their options for the future.  You may find our services useful if you are:

Many high school students find that it may be premature to make highly specific decisions about their career.  Often, vocational interests are still developing and may not have fully stabilized.  Our counselors understand that career decision-making is a developmental process.  Developmentally appropriate goals for assessment and counseling are discussed in the initial session based on each client’s specific needs. 

What services are provided?

The Psychological Services Center (PSC) provides vocational testing and short-term career counseling for individuals who want to learn more about their educational and career potential. Through discussion and a review of test results, clients are helped to:


This option includes everything in Option 1, plus:

Options 1 and 2 typically are completed within 2-4 weeks.  The fees are $200 and $350, respectively, with $100 due at the initial session and the balance payable prior to testing.  Additional follow-up sessions are available at $50 per hour. Sessions with your counselor focus on integrating your assessment information and discussing your educational and career options.  This process is a cooperative effort between you and your counselor that is guided by your specific goals. Appointments may be arranged at your convenience, and typically occur between 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday - Friday.

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