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Dr. Deana Davalos runs a laboratory focused on investigation of temporal processing in health and disease. The lab is currently investigating aspects of cognitive aging, and cognitive processes in clinical populations. One line of research focuses on understanding the development of time processing abilities over the life span. Of particular interest is the relationship between one's ability to process time accurately and higher cognitive skills such as planning, sequencing, and executive functioning. Dr. Davalos’s group also study time processing in clinical populations (e.g., schizophrenia). Our research involves behavioral testing, EEG, and neuropsychological testing.

Selected Publications:

  1. Campbell, A. M., & Davalos, D. B. (2015). Levels of attention and task difficulty in the modulation of interval duration mismatch negativity. Frontiers in psychology6.
  2. Brodsky, K., Willcutt, E. G., Davalos, D. B., & Ross, R. G. (2014). Neuropsychological functioning in childhood‐onset psychosis and attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry55(7), 811-818.
  3. Foster, S. M., Kisley, M. A., Davis, H. P., Diede, N. T., Campbell, A. M., & Davalos, D. B. (2013). Cognitive function predicts neural activity associated with pre-attentive temporal processing. Neuropsychologia51(2), 211-219.


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Dr. Don Rojas leads a research group with a focus on development of neuroimaging and electrophysiological biomarkers in neurodevelopmental disorders. The main focus of his research program is sensory and motor processing in disorders such as autism and childhood onset schizophrenia. One theme in the work has been the identification of heritable biomarkers in autism, using non-invasive techniques in first-degree relatives. Recent work has focused on auditory temporal processing and gamma-band timing deficits as well as magnetic resonance spectroscopy of amino acid neurotransmitter systems associated with gamma-band oscillations. Current research at CSU involves high density EEG, functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), and transcranial brain stimulation methods to examine sensory and motor systems in health and in developmental disorders.

Selected Publications:

  1. Legget, K. T., Hild, A. K., Steinmetz, S. E., Simon, S. T., & Rojas, D. C. (2017). MEG and EEG demonstrate similar test-retest reliability of the 40Hz auditory steady-state response. International Journal of Psychophysiology114, 16-23.
  2. Rojas, D. C., Singel, D., Steinmetz, S., Hepburn, S., & Brown, M. S. (2014). Decreased left perisylvian GABA concentration in children with autism and unaffected siblings. Neuroimage86, 28-34.
  3. Rojas, D. C., & Wilson, L. B. (2014). γ-band abnormalities as markers of autism spectrum disorders. Biomarkers in medicine8(3), 353-368.


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