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Professor Doug Woody discusses consequences of discrimination

Professor Woody’s upcoming talk, “Contemporary Consequences of Historical Discrimination: Universities and Communities” will discuss issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion at universities and communities.

Dr. Godfrey Pearlson discusses how psychiatric conditions are defined

Dr. Pearlson’s upcoming talk, “Using Biological Measures to Reclassify Psychosis,” will discuss some of the problems with using traditional diagnostic schemes in psychiatry to define psychiatric conditions as well as some possible solutions for this dilemma.

Popular Psychology in the World of Harry Potter course to be offered again this summer

Students can take summer course to learn psychology through Harry Potter.

Long work hours and health: A surprising new finding

Psychology’s Gwenith Fisher co-authored a study examining the notion that working long hours negatively impacts health.

Current NewsLetter

Fall 2018 Newsletter (PDF file) – A relationship science conference was held at CSU, and B2B helped a student achieve their dream.

Psychology Faculty recent awards, highlights, or publications

Anne Cleary:


Psychology Professor Anne Cleary gave a TEDxLiverpool talk on her déjà vu research. Cleary’s talk focused on the mysterious relationship between déjà vu and feelings of premonition. Watch the video here:


Cleary, A.M. (in press). The Biasing Nature of the Tip-of-the-Tongue Experience: When Decisions Bask in the Glow of the Tip-of-the-tongue State. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
Cleary, A.M., *McNeely-White, K.L, *Huebert, A.M., *Claxton, A.B. (in press). Déjà vu and the feeling of prediction: An association with familiarity strength. Memory (Special Issue on Déjà vu).
Cleary, A.M. (in press). Dependent measures in memory research: From recall to recognition. In H. Otani & B.L. Schwartz (Eds.)  Research Methods in Human Memory.

George Thornton:


In March 2018 George Thornton presented seminars and workshops in China and Taiwan on the assessment center method. In Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzun he presented seminars in the mornings for 20-30 human resource directors and in the afternoons for 200 – 250 human resource managers. In Hangzhou, he delivered a lecture to the Department of Psychology at Hangzhou Normal University. In Taipei, he presented a workshop to faculty, students, and alumni of the Industrial Psychology Department at Fu Jen Catholic University.


Thornton, G.C. III & Lievens, F. (2018). Theoretical principles relevant to assessment center design and implementation. In S. Schlebusch & G. Roodt (Eds), Assessment Centres: Unlocking Potential for Growth (2nd ed.), Randburg, South Africa: Knowres Publishing.
Thornton, G.C. III. & Reynolds, D.H. (2019). The psychology of leadership talent potential. In I. Tarique (Eds), Routledge Companion to Talent Management. New York, NY: Routledge.

Past NewsLetters

Spring 2018 Newsletter (PDF file)Behavioral Neuroscience Image – Dr. Irvin H. Perline has generously prepared a planned gift to the College.  We also celebrated several awards and presentations.

Jessi and Bryan newsletter image

Fall 2017 Newsletter (PDF file) – We celebrated Jessi’s and Bryan’s APA awards, welcomed Deborah Essert as the new PSC Director, and celebrated JobZology.

Spring 2017 newsletter image

Spring 2017 Newsletter (PDF file) – We launched the Masters in Addiction Counseling Program, celebrated multiple faculty awards, and honored graduate students receiving awards.

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