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Dean Jan Nerger takes helm as Council of College of Arts and Sciences board president

Active in the organization for 15 years, Nerger was elected to its board of directors in 2014.

Professor Todd Kashdan discusses resilience in the aftermath of sexual assault, depression, and everyday adversity

On Nov. 8 at 4 p.m., Professor Todd Kashdan, Ph.D., will give a talk titled “Dissecting Resilience: New Insights from Scientific Research on Rape, Depression, and Everyday Adversity,” sponsored by the Center for Meaning and Purpose in the Department of Psychology.

Striking a Work-Life Balance: free workshop, Sept. 13

Learn why having a work-life balance is important, and gain the tools to achieve one.

College of Natural Sciences celebrates 50 years

The college was created in 1968, but its departments and disciplines have a long and rich history on CSU’s campus.

Current NewsLetter

Spring 2018 Newsletter (PDF file)Behavioral Neuroscience Image – Dr. Irvin H. Perline has generously prepared a planned gift to the College.  We also celebrated several awards and presentations.

Psychology Faculty recent awards, highlights, or publications

Silvia Canetto:

Dr. Silvia Sara Canetto was an Invited Scholar and Ground Rounds Speaker at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Ashley Johnson, B.S. (Graham/Canetto advisors) was awarded a CSU Vice President for Research Fellowship. She will receive up to $4,000 in scholarship and travel support as well as opportunities to participate in professional development workshops, mentorship, and leadership opportunities.

Recent Publications:

Canetto, S. S. (2017). Assisted suicide, euthanasia and gender. In K. Nadal (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of psychology and gender (pp. 114-115). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. DOI:

Canetto, S. S. (2017). Feminist psychology. In K. Nadal (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of psychology and gender (pp. 561-565). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. DOI:

Winterrowd, E., & Canetto, S. S. (2017). Experiences of women in academia. In K. Nadal (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of psychology and gender (pp. 1800-1803). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. DOI:

Anne Cleary:

Dr. Cleary’s publication, “Déjà vu: An Illusion of Prediction” was published in Psychological Science (online) on 3/1/18.

The article can be found here:

The press release can be found here:

The SOURCE article can be found here:

Ben Clegg:

Awards from the 2017 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society meeting:

Ben Clegg and Chris Wickens, their former graduate students Robert Gutzwiller and Alex Vieane, and former CSU undergraduate Jess Janes, along with their collaborator Angie Sebok, were awarded the “Jerome H. Ely Human Factors Article Award” for their paper that was named the best article in the Human Factors Journal (in 2016).

Alex Vieane also won the Marc Resnick best paper competition at HFES in the Computer Systems technical group for her work with Air Force Research Lab from her Repperger program summer internship.

Former CSU undergraduate student Ben Sawyer and his mentor from his graduate work at UCF, Peter Hancock, won the Human Factors Prize for their article on cybersecurity.


I am delighted to be able to share the news that Robert Gutzwiller, from our Cognitive Psychology doctoral program, has just accepted a tenure-track professor position in the Human Systems Engineering program at Arizona State University.

After he finished his PhD in 2014 with us, Robert went to work at the U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Systems Warfare Command (SPAWAR) in San Diego. He will leave his position as a scientist at SPAWAR to begin at ASU in August.

Brad Conner:

A publication that is a collaboration piece with SCNU:

Deana Davalos:

Deana Davalos was selected as the 2018 winner of the Emerging Community Engagement Scholarship Award for her BSHARP program, a partnership with the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra. She and her community partner were presented the award at the Celebrate! CSU Awards Ceremony on 4/11 in the Lory Student Center Ballroom. For more information on the CEA program, see:

The SOURCE article highlighting the project can be found here:

Gwen Fisher:

Gwen recently served as the Guest Editor for a special issue of Work, Aging, and Retirement:

A link to the introduction to the special issue is available here:

Recent Publications:

Walters, K. M.*, Fisher, G. G., & Tenney, L. (in press). An overview of health and safety in the Colorado cannabis industry. American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Spitzmueller, C., Zhang, J., Thomas, C., Wong, J., Fisher, G. G., Matthews, R. A., & Strathearn, L. (in press). Identifying job characteristics related to employed women’s breastfeeding behaviors. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Crain, T., Brossoit, R.,* & Fisher, G. G. (in press). Work, nonwork, and sleep (WNS): A model and future research agenda. Journal of Business and Psychology

Scott, K.,* Liao, Q., Fisher, G. G., Barón, A. E., Stallones, L., DiGuiseppi, C., & Tompa, E. (in press). Early labor force exit subsequent to permanently impairing occupational injury or illness among workers 50-64 years of age. American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Scott, K.,* Liao, Q., Fisher, G. G., Barón, A. E., Stallones, L., DiGuiseppi, C., & Tompa, E. (in press). Same-Level Fall Injuries in US Workplaces by Age Group, Gender and Industry. American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Sonnega, A., McFall, B. H., Hudomiet, P., Willis, R. J., & Fisher, G. G. (2018). A comparison of subjective and objective job demands and fit with personal resources as predictors of retirement timing in a national U.S. sample. Work, Aging, & Retirement, 4(1), 37-51. doi: 10.1093/workar/wax016

Liu, M.*, McGonagle, A. K., & Fisher, G. G. (2018) Sense of control, job stressors, and well-being:  Inter-relations and reciprocal effects among older U.S. workers. Work, Aging, & Retirement, 4(1), 96-107. doi: 10.1093/workar/waw035

Ganster, D. C., Rosen, C. C., & Fisher, G. G. (2018). Long working hours and well-being: What we know, what we don’t know, and what we need to know. Journal of Business and Psychology, 33(1), 25-39. Doi: 10.1007/s10869-016-9478-1

Jennifer Harman:

Carlie Trott, PhD, my former advisee and a recent graduate of our ASHP program, has just accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at the University of Cincinnati, an R-1 institution. She will begin her appointment in their Social/Community Psychology program this fall.

Past NewsLetters

Jessi and Bryan newsletter image

Fall 2017 Newsletter (PDF file) – We celebrated Jessi’s and Bryan’s APA awards, welcomed Deborah Essert as the new PSC Director, and celebrated JobZology.

Spring 2017 newsletter image

Spring 2017 Newsletter (PDF file) – We launched the Masters in Addiction Counseling Program, celebrated multiple faculty awards, and honored graduate students receiving awards.

Newsletter Fall 2016 image
Fall 2016 Newsletter (PDF file) – We welcomed Elizabeth Loftus in our speaker series, Visited South China Normal University, and welcomed Mark Prince as a new faculty member.

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