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Academic Success Coordinator

The Academic Success Coordinator in the Department of Psychology of the College of Natural Sciences is a full time 12-month Administrative Professional position. The Department of Psychology houses one of the largest undergraduate majors at the University, serving over 1100 undergraduate students.
The Academic Success Coordinator plays a critical and supportive role in strengthening departmental efforts to provide quality advising and promote undergraduate student success. This position supports an innovative and holistic approach to providing students with the assistance, guidance, and resources necessary to be successful. The primary functions of the Academic Success Coordinator are to 1) foster the successful transition of the student to the university environment, 2) encourage major exploration to ensure the psychology major is the right fit, 3) foster student engagement with faculty, and 4) promote timely graduation.
The Academic Success Coordinator supplements the faculty-student mentoring role. Because of the distinctive characteristics and needs of new students (both those who enter as new first-year students and those who enter as transfer students), the Academic Success Coordinator typically interacts with students more frequently in the initial semesters of the students’ academic career. Interactions in later semesters focus on connecting students to faculty mentors, interest areas within the major, and achieving a timely graduation.
Academic Success Coordinators, in collaboration with faculty, play a critical role in promoting undergraduate student success. The Academic Success Coordinator works directly with students majoring in psychology in order to develop, implement, and monitor an action plan for success. The Academic Success Coordinator’s duties include advising students, connecting students to faculty, maintaining student records, interacting with faculty members, and collaborating with campus offices. The Academic Success Coordinator works with other members of the advising staff and reports to the Psychology Department Chair.


Applications due by 3/10/17


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