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Occupational Health Psychology

The CSU Department of Psychology offers training in Occupational Health Psychology (OHP). OHP is the application of psychological theories and research methods to protect and promote worker safety, health and well-being. Occupational Health Psychology takes a comprehensive view of the work environment, including the way work is organized (e.g., shift work) as well as the culture of the organization.  Here are some examples of topics that an Occupational Health Psychologist might study:

Group Image of OHP peopleThe CSU OHP program is funded by the Mountain & Plains Education and Research Center (ERC), one of only two NIOSH ERCs to support a graduate training program in Occupational Health Psychology (OHP).

Expectations of Trainees in Occupational Health Psychology 

OHP trainees are required to complete coursework in occupational health (Occupational Health Psychology, Principles of Ergonomics, and Epidemiology) beyond the psychology doctoral degree requirements. In addition to their coursework, OHP trainees conduct research in occupational health psychology, participate in multidisciplinary applied occupational health projects, and coordinate, deliver, and attend workshops and colloquia. Each student's OHP program of study is discussed with and agreed upon by the student's doctoral committee.​


Graduate training positions are available on a competitive basis to qualified students. The number of positions may vary from year to year depending on the level of research funding.

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How to Apply

All OHP trainees must first be admitted to the MS-PhD program in psychology through one of the five psychology doctoral programs:

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