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Speaker Series

Occupational Health Psychology

Speaker Series

Dr. Autumn Krauss: Job Preview from an OHP Practitioner

Synergistic Climate and Worker Well-Being - Krista Hoffmeister

Aging of the workforce: The changing nature of Work and Retirement - Dr. Diehl

Cross Cultural Research - Dr. Tetrick

From Fields to Factories - Dr. Mike Flynn

Getting the job is just the first step: Communication and political skills for your first position

Leadership Training - Dr. E. Kevin Kelloway

Occupational Health Disparities -  Dr. Donald Eggert

Suicide Intervention and Sustainable Strategies - Annette Shtivelband

The Promise and Challenge of Conducting Stress Intervention Experiments - Daniel Ganster

Work Organization Research at NIOSH:  Studies on Job Stress, Aging, and Minority Health

Working with Communities - Alyssa Lasseter

Workplace Violence - Dr. E. Kevin Kelloway

Cortisol and Stress - Melissa Henry, RN, PHD

Dr. Mike Flyn – Occupational Safety and Health of Immigrants

Workplace Politics and Well-Being: Explaining Divergent Effects at Individual and Collective Levels - Dr. Daniel Ganster   

Can We Be Scientific in the Practice of Occupational Health Psychology? - Dr. Ted Scharf
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Current Changes in the Work Environment from an OHP Perspective - Dr. Darja Maslic Sersic

Examining the Aging Workforce through a Gender Lens: Employed Baby Boomer Women - Dr. Jeanette Cleveland

Man Therapy: An Innovative Approach to Preventing Suicide Among Men - Dr. J. Taylor Moore

Qualitative Methods and OHP - Dr. Irvin Schonfeld

Virtual Teams - Dr. Elizabeth Williams


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