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Internal Survey Program

The department has a basic survey program that is integrated with the research pool system. This allows researchers to have internet surveys available through the research pool system, and allows attendance to be taken automatically. Typically IT staff needs to know about your survey 2 weeks in advance to setup the system. Contact IT staff for more information.

Qualtrics Survey Program

The department has access to the Qualtrics survey system. We have a site license for Qualtrics for Psychology Department faculty and students to use with IRB approved and faculty supervised internet survey projects. Access to our licensed site at Qualtrics is only available through the psychology main office. For research pool system information, be aware that attendance cannot be taken automatically without an adjustment to your survey. Contact IT staff BEFORE you wish to run your Qualtrics survey to setup automatic attendance options.

Psychology Department Research Pool

Research is an essential part of the Department of Psychology. The advancement of psychology depends on research requiring the participation of investigators, research assistants, and human subjects participants. The department of psychology at Colorado State University provides many opportunities for individuals to become involved in the research process. 

Currently there are many different kinds of research studies being conducted in our department, on such topics as cognition, social behavior, color perception, spatial relations, and learning and memory. Researchers rely on participants to keep this research going.  To connect with participants researchers often use our research participant pool. For an overview of our research pool, please visit this link!

Research Graphic

Participation in research is required for PSY100 and PSY250 students at Colorado State University. Students in these courses gain valuable first-hand knowledge as the role of a subject in psychology research and contribute to the advancement of the field. Research is designed to enhance learning experiences in PSY100 and PSY250, and references course material. After participation, researchers provide feedback to subjects explaining their studies, and where students can learn the hypothesis and designs of the studies in which they have participated. If you are a student in PSY100, or PSY250: Use these links to log into the research system.

Enter the research pool system here

The Department of Psychology offers other research participation opportunities. If you are not currently registered for PSY100 or PSY250, and would like to participate in research, there are flyers on campus for these research opportunities. The department of Psychology will be opening a web site for these research opportunities in the near future!

The Department of Psychology offers an opportunity for qualified undergraduates to obtain firsthand, supervised research experiences in psychology in the role of Research Assistant. Students may assist professors and/or graduate students with a research project by helping to prepare the study, collect data, and/or enter data into computers. Students can obtain pass/fail elective credit for their assistance if desired, or they can serve as a research assistant voluntarily. Whichever option is selected, obtaining research experience can be a valuable asset when applying for graduate school or jobs after graduation. You can view our research assistant opportunities here!

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