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As a contemporary science and applied profession, psychology represents a rational and systematic attempt to understand human behavior by studying the processes of development, perception, learning, motivation and thinking, and the relationship of  these processes both to the physiological and social functioning of humans and animals. It also is involved in measuring psychological dimensions in the attempt to validate its many theories.


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Please review this file of the course requirements for the Psychology Major: Psychology Major General Concentration.

Please review this file for Mind, Brain and Behavior concentration: Mind, Brain and Behavior concentration.

Please review this file for Industrial Organizational concentration: Industrial Organizational concentration.

Please review this file for Concentration in Addiction Counseling (CAC-I): Concentration in Addiction Counseling.

Please review this file for Clinical/Counseling Psychology Concentration: Clinical/Counseling Psychology Concentration.

The DARS system at Colorado State University is designed to give student an up-to-date look at their completed course requirements. To access the DARS system, visit: Under the Records heading, click on Degree Audit Submit, or Degree Audit View to access the DARS system.

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Other Resources

Advising - The Department of Psychology is one of the larger departments on campus with approximately 1000 psychology majors.  Our undergraduate advisors are committed to providing quality service and guidance to psychology majors so that a positive and successful academic career may be experienced.  Full-time advisors are on staff and available to assist students with their educational needs.  Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor on a regular basis.

Apply - Use this link to learn more about the application process for CSU and for our Graduate Programs.

Campus Tour - Want to see what life is like here at Colorado State University? This campus tour is a great way to see CSU and the surrounding area!

Computer lab - This link will guide you to the schedule for the Clark C80 student lab. This lab is open to psychology majors for class related computer access. Printing is available in this lab for course related projects.

Financial Resources

Honors - You will find information on the Honors Track 2 Program here including the sequence of required courses.

Internships - Why should I do an internship? How will it be valuable to me as a Psychology student? You will find a list of known internships and instructions using this link.

Masters and PhD student - The Psychology Department at Colorado State University is home to five graduate programs. All graduate programs admit only students interested in attaining the Ph.D. degree.

Newsletters - You will find the student newsletter with this link.

Online Bachelor's Degree in Psychology: Our online psychology bachelor's degree features an innovative and well-rounded curriculum that carries a strong science and liberal arts influence and will help you develop a number of important skills required in a broad range of occupations. Skills such as written and oral communication, cooperation, and analytical and critical thinking, combined with a strong background in the sciences and liberal arts demonstrates versatility, giving you the ability to pursue a variety of career paths.

Options and Requirements for the Psychology major at CSU - Interested in changing your major to Psychology? Not sure you are meeting your requirements? This informative page will tell you CSU's options and requirements for Psychology.

Research - The advancement of psychology depends on research requiring the participation of investigators, research assistants, and human subject participants. Use this link to learn more.

Semester at a Glance - This link will give you the semester at a glance.

Student Organizations - See our student organizations with this link IOPAC, MUGSS, and Psi Chi/PSA.

TechFee / CFT - The Department of Psychology at Colorado State University invites students to see how TechFee funds benefit students in psychology.

Want to change your major to Psychology? Call (970) 491-3799 to sign up for a required change of major informational session.

Web Resources - Listing of professional organizations, open courseware, books, magazines and blogs.


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