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Honors Track 2

What is Honors Track 2?

Track 2 of the University Honors Program is designed for high-achieving first-year, transfer, and continuing students. Honors Track 2 is a particularly good fit for transfer students who have a significant number of credits that fulfill core curriculum in written/additional communication, the arts & humanities, a social or behavioral science, history, and a global/cultural awareness course.

Honors Track 2 in psychology consists of an Honors freshman seminar (first-year students only), upper-division Honors psychology courses, and the Honors pre-thesis and senior thesis.

Why Should I Participate in Honors Track 2?

Honors Track 2 is an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in completing independent research and developing a mentoring relationship with a faculty member. The program provides outstanding preparation for graduate school and allows students to customize their academic experience.

What Specific Courses Would I Need to Take?

In addition to the regular major requirements for degree completion in psychology, the sequence of required courses for Honors Track 2 in the department is as follows [pre-requisites indicated in brackets]:

First Year - Fall
IU 193         (1 cr.)          Honors Freshman Seminar (first year students only)

Junior Year - Fall
PSY 392     (2 cr.)          Honors Seminar: Current Topics in Psychology [PSY 100; PSY 250]
STAT 311    (3 cr.)          Statistics for Behavioral Sciences I [MATH 117]
PSY 350     (3 cr.)          Advanced Research Methods I [PSY 250; PSY 392; STAT 311]

Junior Year - Spring
STAT 312    (3 cr.)          Statistics for Behavioral Sciences II [STAT 311]
HONR 399   (1 cr.)          Pre-Thesis – Honors
PSY 450     (4 cr.)          Advanced Research Methods II [PSY 350]

Senior Year - Fall
PSY 499     (3 cr.)          Thesis* – Honor

Senior Year - Spring
HONR 499   (3 cr.)          Senior Honors Thesis [HONR 399]

*The thesis is a year-long academic experience, if that option is chosen. PSY 499 will originally result in a grade of “I”. This grade will be changed upon completion of the thesis through HONR 499.

How Do I Apply to the Honors Track 2 Program?

Visit the Honors website: If you’ve been encouraged to apply to Honors Track 2 by a psychology faculty member, contact the University Honors Program office to obtain assistance with the application process. The Honors program looks for at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member. Final admission into Track 2 for psychology majors is determined by the psychology department. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.


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