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Student Newsletter—APRIL 2017 EDITION

CSU Summer Registration Has Begun!Summer Image

Summer registration began on March 21.  Detailed information about all courses offered during the 2017 Summer session can be found on RamWeb ( Just click on class schedule search, then summer 2017. In addition, we would encourage you to review the Summer Session website at for additional information and resources. 

Need Advising Over the Summer?

No problem!  All Academic Support Coordinators are available by email, or by calling the appointment line (970.491.3799) to set up a 30-minute appointment.

Fall 2017 Registration Dates
Be sure to check RAMweb to find your specific registration date.  Don’t forget you will need to complete                                             “Registration Ready” before attempting to register! These dates indicate the start of registration for a specific group:
·  April 3 — Honors/Athletes/RDS

·  April 4 — Seniors (90+ credits)

·   April 7 — Juniors (60+ credits)

·   April 14 — Sophomores (30+ credits)

·   April 21 — First Year Students (29 credits or less)
You MAY have an advising code on your account.  Make sure to check on your Ramweb account if a code is needed.

For a quick video reminder on how to register, waitlist, & search for classes visit:

calendar items imageImportant Dates

April 3                   Fall Registration Begins

May 5                  Last Day of Classes, Complete University Withdrawal Deadline

May 8-12             Final Exams

May 13                 CNS Graduation - Moby Arena; check-in 6:30am; ceremony 8:00am




Registration Difficulties?registration difficulties image

Registration errors can foil even the most prepared student’s efforts to complete the “perfect” schedule.  If you find yourself receiving an unfamiliar registration error, don’t fret!  Before you    destroy your computer, check out our list of “Common Registration Errors” found on the last page of this newsletter.

If you have additional registration questions or concerns, please utilize our Spring Advising Drop-In hours (found on the next page), or call the appointment line at (970) 491-3799 to set up an appointment with an advisor.  Happy registering!

Psych Drop-in hours

Spring 2017

For quick questions, limited to 10 minutes or less.

Mondays:   1:30 pm-3:30 pm

Tuesdays:   12:30 pm– 2:30 pm

Thursdays: 9:00 am–11:00am

If you think you’ll need a longer appointment, please call (970) 491-3799 to schedule a 30 minute appointment.   

Tips for Success in Online Classes

· Be an active learner! Online classes require your active participation and require you to take initiative to communicate with instructors, other students etc.
· Don’t assume convenient = easy. It is true that online courses offer great flexibility, but remember the content is still just as challenging.
· Be mindful of your other commitments. It may be tempting to add an online course to an already full schedule because you can progress through them on your own time, but if your plate is full stop piling on! Online courses are effortful and rigorous.
· Tune up your time management skills. Online courses become
       overwhelming if you procrastinate, save yourself the stress and create a realistic, efficient plan to complete your course.

If you want more information on online courses go to

Summer is a great time for jobs & internships!

Just in Time Job & Internship Fair

Wednesday, April 5th: 4:30pm-7:00pm in LSC Ballroom

Looking for a summer job or internship? Check out the Just In Time Fair where there will be dozens of employers and community organizations who are looking for students like you to join their team and spend the summer working together. This fair will host employers and organizations applicable to a wide range of majors and career fields.

Check out for more information

Looking for “Hands On” Experience?

Find updated Research Assistant (RA) openings on the Psychology website.  RA positions are great resume builders, as well as great experience for anyone planning to apply to graduate school.  This website updates frequently.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, check back soon!

Additional resources for getting a job/internship

For additional ideas on internships, jobs and volunteer opportunities check out the following links:

CSU PSY suggested internship sites:

Career Center Website:

Student Employment Services:

Common Registration Errors

Error message

What it means

When you might get it

What to do

Class level

Only students in a certain class level (fr/so or jr/sr) can register for a given course.

PSY 292 is restricted to first years and sophomores; PSY 401 is restricted to juniors and seniors.

If you NEED the course, contact your advisor to request access (for PSY courses) or the home department for access (for other prefixes).

Additional Component


In addition to the lecture, you have to register for another component (lab or recitation) at the same time.

LIFE 102, CS 110, ECON 202 and CHEM 111 are

examples commonly

associated with this error.

Check boxes for each component

PRIOR to hitting “register”. Clicking on the CRN for the lecture will tell you if there are specific sections of lab/recitation that must be selected.


You don’t have the “right” major for a class.

Some classes are restricted just to students in that major (business is an example); other classes allow

non-majors to register after a certain date.

Click on the CRN for details about   major restrictions—if the class opens to non-majors at a certain date, it will tell you there.


You fail to meet at least one prereq for the class.

PSY 452 is an example. It requires PSY 252 as a


You’ll need to take the prerequisite courses prior to registering for the course in question. If you think this is an error, contact your advisor.

Dept/Instructor approval

Registration for a certain class is limited and only

approved on a case-by-case basis.

An example is PSY 496 (Undergraduate Research) or PSY 488 (Field Placement); both require specific            permission from the               Psychology Office.

If you seek access to a class requiring department/instructor approval, contact the instructor listed, the department (if not PSY) or your advisor.

Stop enrollment

A department has stopped enrollment so that no one can register for the class until a problem is resolved.

Hard to say—stop enrollments can happen in any department due to

unforeseen changes.

Try registering for a different section of the same class, or contact the

department to find out more information.


Please contact Molly Parsons, at if you have any information you’d like to submit to an upcoming Undergraduate Psychology Newsletter


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