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Student Newsletter—MARCH 2017 EDITION

Summer and Fall 2017 Registration Coming Soon!

We recommend that you meet with an advisor at least once a semesterPlease call (970) 491-3799, or stop by Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB) 201 Monday-Friday between 7:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m. to schedule an

Drop-in advising is also available for quick questions:
Monday: 1:30 pm –3:30 pm
Tuesday: 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Thursday: 9 am - 11 am

Registration Begins. . .
Honors/Athletes/RDS - April 3
Seniors (90+ credits) - April 4
Juniors (60+ credits) - April 7
Sophomores (30+ credits) - April 14
Continuing Freshman (<30 credits) - April 21

Advising Codes have been placed on accounts of students who are on academic probation, and some  students who have reached Junior standing. or who  have recently transferred to CSU.

Academic probation is defined by a student’s cumulative GPA being below a 2.0.  If you are in this situation, we will discuss

options for repairing your GPA when you come in for advising, as well as assist you in planning

classes for the upcoming semester.

You will not be able to register for summer or fall until you see your advisor.

Important Dates

March 13-17: Spring Break

March 20: Last Day to Withdraw from a Course; Repeat-Delete Forms Due

March 21: Summer Registration Begins

May 5: Last Day of Spring Semester Classes; Complete University Withdrawal Deadline

May 8-12: Final Exams

May 13: CNS Graduation, Moby Arena; check-in 6:30am; ceremony 8:00am

Looking for Summer Internships?

Here are some tools to help you be successful in the search and application process:

Handshake is a great tool through the CSU Career Center where you can search for internship and job postings for people wanting to hire CSU Students:

Tips for writing a cover letter and resume:

Tips for dressing for success:


Want to mentor at-risk youth for 3 upper division credits during the Summer or Fall 2017 semester?  Consider joining Campus

Got Tutoring?
Determine how you learn best by taking a learning styles quiz, at

TILT Learning programs offer face-to-face workshops in academics and study skills several times a week.  See the list of topics at,

Tutoring@CSU books

Tutoring@CSU is an online resource for CSU students to find tutoring and online tutorials that can help them learn and succeed. To find a tutorial, click on the “Find Tutorials” tab.  

Tutoring@CSU also has a database of private tutors who are available to tutor for a fee. You can find information about how long tutors have been tutoring, what trainings they may have received for tutoring, and what courses they tutor. To locate a private tutor who best meets your academic needs, go to and click on the “Find Tutoring” tab.

CSU Summer Registration is Almost Here! 

Taking classes at CSU this summer can help you catch up on credits or just get ahead to make life easier later!  We encourage you to look at the summer schedule (on RamWeb— and register for classes, starting March 21st. Here are the Psychology classes being offered this summer:

**Please note that courses are subject to cancellation if the course is under enrolled**




PSY 100

General Psychology

On campus and Online

PSY 210

Psychology of the Individual in

On campus and Online

PSY 250

Research Methods in Psychology

On Campus and Online

PSY 252

Mind, Brain, and Behavior

On campus and Online

PSY 260

Child Psychology

On campus

PSY 300

Positive Psychology


PSY 305

Psychology of Religion


PSY 310

Basic Counseling Skills
(weekender course)

On campus

PSY 311A

Basic Counseling Skills Lab—CAC

On campus

PSY 315

Social Psychology

On campus and Online

PSY 317

Social Psychology Lab

On campus and Online

PSY 320

Abnormal Psychology

On campus and Online

PSY 325

Psychology of Personality

On campus and Online

PSY 327

Psychology of Women
(weekender course)

On campus

PSY 330

Clinical and Counseling Psychology

On campus

PSY 335

Forensic Psychology

On campus and Online

PSY 340

Organizational Psychology


PSY 341

Organizational Psychology Lab


PSY 360

Psychology of Drug Addiction

On campus





PSY 362

Professional Issues in Addictions

On campus

PSY 364

Infectious Disease and Substance Use


PSY 401

History and Systems of Psychology

On campus and Online


Psychology of Gender


PSY 440

Industrial Psychology


PSY 441

Industrial Psychology Lab


PSY 452

Cognitive Psychology


PSY 453

Cognitive Psychology Lab


PSY 454

Biological Psychology

On campus

PSY 455

Biological Psychology Lab

On campus

PSY 456

Sensation and Perception


PSY 457

Sensation and Perception Lab


PSY 460

Child Exceptionality and


PSY 492C

Sport & Exercise (weekender course)

On campus

PSY 492C

The Good Life: Lifestyle Interventions for Everyone (weekender course)

On campus

PSY 492C

Psychology of Happiness
(weekender course)

On campus

PSY 492F


On campus


Registration for the Fall 2017 semester starts in April!  Make sure to schedule an appointment with your advisors prior to your registration date.  Call 970-491-3799 to schedule an appointment.

Midterms have you stressed out? Try Mindfulness!

Learn stress-busting mindfulness exercises that can help you in everyday life!

Mindful Drop-In Group (no registration required)
Wednesdays, 12:10pm-1pm in LSC 324

Mindfully Managing Stress Workshop
Thursdays 3/30-4/20, 11am-12:15pm
Call (970)491-6053 to register

Check out for more information

REMINDER: The Course Withdrawal Deadline is Monday, March 20th (the Monday after returning from Spring Break).  We will have extra drop-in hours this day to discuss if withdrawing from a course is the best option for you. Drop-in hours for Monday, March 20th are from 9:30am until 3:30pm.


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¨ Become aware of where you are at in the semester and what can still be done to achieve your goals by
      attending the workshop entitled “Damage Control”

            - Monday, March 7th– 5:00 p.m. (TILT 221)

            - Tuesday, March 9th - 6:00 p.m. (TILT 221)

¨ Learn what foods can help promote the most optimal brain activity by attending the “Meals for the Mind” TILT workshop, presented by the Kendall Anderson Nutrition Center.

            - Monday, March 28th– 5:00 p.m. (TILT 221)

            - Tuesday, March 30th - 6:00 p.m. (TILT 221)

¨ Did you know. . .students who live on campus do better academically than those who live off campus? For more information regarding on-campus living options, go to

¨ Looking for a job/internship working with youth?  Summer camps might be a great option for you!  Check out this link for more information about the opportunities available for Summer 2017 -


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