College of Natural Sciences

Senior Thesis

A senior thesis is a good thing to do if you are planning on going to graduate school or would just like the extra research experience. Your senior thesis is formal APA research paper. It can be based on your own research study, one that you did with another person or a review of the literature (lit review) on a specific topic of interest. They typically take about a year to complete; therefore, most people begin the process either as a second semester junior or a first semester senior. You must also defend your thesis to a committee of 3-4 people. Once you are done with your thesis you can submit it for publication and/or present it at a conference such as the Rocky Mountain Psychology Association (RMPA) or the American Psychological Association (APA).

To get your thesis started you need to find a thesis advisor. Finding your thesis advisor is as simple as looking at the faculty interest sheet provided by the department and choosing a person who has research interests similar to yours. Contact this person and ask if they will advise your senior thesis. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain research experience and earn a letter of recommendation.








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