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Mobile Laptop Lab

(Faculty, Staff, Psychology Graduate Students) The department has a mobile laptop lab that is available for research or teaching use. There are fourteen laptops equipped with wireless network. These laptops are not meant for individual use. The mobile laptop lab can be checked out through the main office.

Department Laptops

(Faculty, Staff, Psychology Graduate Students) The department has two laptops available for check out. The department laptops can be be checked out through the main office.

Department Projectors

(Faculty, Staff, Psychology Graduate Students) The department has two projectors available for check out. The department projectors can be be checked out through the main office.

Department Printers

(Faculty, Staff) The department has multiple network printers available for use. Printers are broken down into closest local or project. For more information about which printers you have access to, please call IT staff.

(Psychology Graduate Students, MPH Students) The department furnishes a printer in the graduate student lab. Due to budget restraints the department cannot furnish supplies. The graduate students have formed a committee that supplies toner and paper for the lab with student dues. In order for graduate students to be allowed access to the printers, they must agree to the printing terms, and give the printing committee their dues.

Printing Terms: All graduate students will pay $35.00 per 1500 pages to be allowed access to the C6 printer. All personal printing will be printed on the C6 printer. PSC printing (Counseling students) will be printed on the C51 printer. Grant and Teaching printing will be printed on the Mailroom printer. If you do not agree to these terms, no printing service will be available to you within the department. If you are found to be printing personal print jobs on the PSC, C51, or Mailroom Printers, all printing services will be denied.

If you agree to the terms, please make your payment in the main office. You will need to pay the $35 before printing services will be authorized for you.


Graduate Student Lab

(Psychology Graduate Students, MPH Students) Clark C6 is home to the graduate student lab. The lab is designed to be open 24 hours a day, and houses many of the software application required by our department. There are fifteen computers available with a large selection of standard software including SPSS, e-prime, Office suite, MX and other software titles. Several of the computers have special software available such as Atlas.ti, Adobe Illustrator, SAS, and Adobe Captivate. Suggestions for additional software are always welcome. Please contact IT staff for help or suggestions for this lab.

This lab houses a printer for students. Dues must be paid in order for students to gain access to this printer. See Department Printers for more information.

Student Lab

(Psychology Majors only) Clark C80 is home to the undergraduate student lab. This lab is open for psychology students and is located in Clark C80. Open lab hours are dependant on lab supervisors schedules. This lab houses 16 desktop computers and one printer for psychology student use. Available software includes SPSS and Office programs. Open hours for this lab are located here.

Research Pool

General Overview

Our department has designed and used its own software for the Research pool since 2001. The program was designed to address the department's needs as a whole.

All students enrolled in PSY100 and PSY250 are required to complete at least 6 credits of research as part of their course requirement. Students are encouraged to complete up to 4 additional research credits for extra credit. Each credit of research is equal to 1 hour of participation. Research can be worth anywhere from .5 research credits to 6 research credits dependant on the time students are required to participate.

HRC requires that we have an alternative to direct participation. The alternative is Option B which allows students to complete 6 to 10 research papers describing research and what it would have been like to participate.

Focus areas for the research pool:


The students ease of use is top priority for the research pool. The current software integrates with the university eID and password system, as well as the university enrollment system. This is one of the major reasons not to use a service or pre packaged system. Integration with eID allows students "single sign on" for the research pool and most other University services, and only a 24 hour lag time for newly enrolled Students.

Students who are not yet 18, or who's schedules do not allow direct participation, can enroll in what we call Option B. Option B allows students to complete 6 to 10 research papers describing research and what it would have been like to participate.


Our software centralizes the research pool for instructors. Since the PSY100 and PSY250 courses require research as part of the course, instructors must stay informed about how the software works, and what research is available at all times. The average PSY100 course has 200 students enrolled, and instructors must be able to address their questions and concerns about research effectively.

Instructors can, at any time, see their section's progress in completing their research requirement. This list has been tuned for specific information instructors have requested.

Option B papers are uploaded, graded and reported to instructors through the research software. This allows us to check for plagiarism as well as grade papers centrally.

Department researchers:

Not all research is equal. The research software has been designed to allow as many different models for research to be run in the software as possible. For Example: Multiple session research, PDA research, Gender restricted research, and Internet survey research.

Scheduling is done through one person designated to coordinate the research pool. Since students can sign up immediately for studies posted in the research software, all scheduling is done through one person. The duties of this person are to check, recheck and check again for scheduling errors to avoid mistakes. Mistakes in scheduling = angry students. The duties of this person also include managing research so that there is always research available for students, and ensuring in the end that all students have had the opportunity to not only fulfill their research requirement, but also the opportunity to earn extra credit.

Researchers!!! ---- How to use the research pool

Please be sure to read the research pool procedures document. This document gives an overview of the responsibilities of the researcher and some do's and dont's concerning the research pool.

Get HRC approval!

The form for requesting hours is available on the network groups drive. The due date is the week prior to the beginning of classes for each semester. Please fill in the form completely and send to Donna Merwarth.

No study will be run without an HRC number, and the research request form!

When you are ready to schedule your study:

All scheduling must be done through Donna, or single meeting studies may now use the web page to schedule sessions. 
No study will be allowed to schedule sessions without an IRB approval number. 
Web survey studies must be scheduled through Donna, you cannot schedule your own with internet surveys.
You must schedule your sessions at least one day in advance. 
The more days in advance you schedule, the more students sign up.
We run between a 10% to a 20% no show rate.  You may schedule up to 10% more hours than the total hours you requested.

To schedule your sessions, Donna must have:

  1. Study number or title of your study.
  2. Date. ----( If your study requires participants to attend more than one session, the second date, time and location must be given as well.)
  3. Time (Beginning time, and ending time).
  4. Location (Room number and building).
  5. Number of participants that can attend.
  6. Any other restrictions (Gender, Age, Items students must bring with them etc...)

Each semester, the software is assessed, upgraded and streamlined for optimal performance for students, instructors and researchers.

Internal Survey Program

The department has a basic survey program that is integrated with the research pool system. This allows researchers to have internet surveys available through the research pool system, and allows attendance to be taken automatically. Typically IT staff needs to know about your survey 2 weeks in advance to setup the system. Contact IT staff for more information.

Qualtrics Survey Program

The department has access to the Qualtrics survey system. Researchers can program their own internet survey through this program. More information is available from Zinta Byrne or Jennifer Harman. For research pool system information, be aware that attendance cannot be taken automatically without an adjustment to your survey. Contact IT staff BEFORE you wish to run your Qualtrics survey to setup automatic attendance options. Contact IT staff for more information.


Standard Software Configuration: Regardless of operating system, the standard software installed on department computers is as follows:

Microsoft Office (Current PC version is 2010, Current Mac version is 2011)
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Flash Player
Java Runtime Environment

Coming soon --> List of all department software


Coming soon --> List of all department technology

CFT or TechFee equipment - This is a listing of all CFT equipment housed in the department of Psychology.


All department hardware and software are supported by Psychology IT staff except for items listed below. IT staff can be contacted at or at 491-3640.

Central email - Psychology IT staff can help with client setup and general questions. Forgotten passwords, lost email and personal device setup help is available here.

RamCT - Web help available here

iClicker - General help for iClicker, Using RamCT and iClicker

Your personal computer - IT Staff does NOT support personally owned equipment. IT Staff can help with connection problems for campus wireless. If you should have problems with your own computer, help is available here.


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