Time to Register!

We want to know… how are things going? With the fall semester well under way, the advising staff wants to remind you that we are here to help you if you have any questions or concerns about any of your classes or anything else! We can offer tips, suggestions, and refer you to campus resources to help you with academic AND personal concerns.

We also want to help you plan for Spring Registration. As crazy as it sounds, Spring 2020 registration is just around the corner. Please call or visit the Navigate website to schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor.

Times fill quickly, so schedule today!

Spring 2020 Registration Start Dates

Be sure to check RAMweb to find your specific registration date and access time. Don’t forget you will need to complete “Registration Ready” before attempting to register!

November 16—Plan Ahead Available
November 17—Priority, DVM, GR
November 18—Seniors
November 19—Juniors
November 30—Sophomores
December 2—First Years

Students may have an advising code that they need in order to register for spring classes. Please schedule an appointment with your advisor if Registration Ready is saying you need to input an advising code.

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Waitlist Reminder: If you try to register for a class and it’s full, you will be provided an opportunity to sign up for the
waitlist on RAMweb. If a spot opens, a notification will be sent to the you. You will then have 24 hours to register. If no action is taken, you will be dropped from the waitlist and the next student is notified. You will need to check your email at least once a day to make sure you don’t miss your 24 hour window.

You can also sign up on RAMweb (under the “Records” link) to receive an automatic text message notification. To learn how to waitlist please visit this site.

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Still Need to Take CO 150?

Remember—you need to take CO 150 by the time you complete 30 credits (end of your first year). If your ACT composite score was below 26, or your SAT verbal score was below 620, you will need to take the Direct Self-Placement (DSP) Survey. Please call
(970) 491-1898, or email Emily Morgan (Emily.J.Morgan@colostate.edu) if you have
questions. For more information about the exam visit this site.

If you have any news or information you’d like to submit to an upcoming Undergraduate Psychology Newsletter, please contact Rosa Batko, Academic Success Coordinator at rosa.batko@colostate.edu

Psych Advising Drop-ins


Drop-ins are for quick questions of 10 minutes or less.
If you think you’ll need longer, please Call (970) 491-3799 OR Visit https://csurams.campus.eab.com to schedule a 30 minute appointment with your academic advisor.

Important Dates

Nov 23-27 – FALL BREAK
Nov 26-27 – University Holiday (all offices closed)
Dec 11 – Fall 2020 classes end
Dec 11 – University withdrawal deadline
Dec 14-18 – Final Exams week
Jan 19 – Spring 2021 Classes Begin

Need help with the Math Placement Exam?

Do you need to take/retake the Math Placement Exam or the Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) Tutorial so you can register to take math during the Spring semester?

If so, don’t forget that both exams are given on a “drop-in” basis in the Precalculus Center (Weber 138).

The Precalculus Center will be closed Nov. 23 – Nov. 27 and during finals week.

Common Registration Errors

Error message What it means When you might get it What to do
Class level Only students in a certain class level (fr/so or jr/sr) can register for a given course. PSY 292C is restricted to first and second year students; PSY 493 is restricted to             seniors. If you NEED the course, contact your advisor to request access (for PSY courses) or the home department for access (for other prefixes).
Additional Component


In addition to the lecture, you have to register for another component (lab or recitation) at the same time. LIFE 102, CS 110,               ECON 202 and CHEM 111 are examples commonly       associated with this error. Check boxes for each component          PRIOR to hitting “register” or hit “view linked.”
Major You don’t have the “approved” major for a class. Some classes are restricted just to students in that major (business is an example); other classes allow            non-majors to register after a certain date (HDFS 302 is an example). Click on the class title for details about  major restriction—if the class opens to non-majors at a certain date, it will tell you there.
Prerequisite You fail to meet at least one prerequisite for the class. PSY 452 is an example. It requires PSY 252 as a           prerequisite. You’ll need to take the prerequisite courses prior to registering for the course in question. If you think this is an error, contact your advisor.
Dept/Instructor approval Registration for a certain class is limited and only    approved on a case-by-case basis. An example is PSY 496 (Undergraduate Research) or PSY 488 (Field Placement); both require specific              permission from the           Psychology Office. If you seek access to a class requiring department/instructor approval, contact the instructor listed, the department          or your advisor.
Stop enrollment A department has stopped enrollment so that no one can register for the class until a problem is resolved. Stop enrollments can happen in any department due to unforeseen changes. Try registering for a different section of the same class, or contact the            department to find out more information.