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The Aging Clinic of the Rockies is a local non-profit mental health agency that offers professional counseling services to address psychological needs of older adults and their loved ones. The clinic is part of a network of mental health services in the Department of Psychology at Colorado State University.

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How can the Aging Clinic of the Rockies help me?

Caregiver Support Program

If you’re currently a caregiver for loved one (e.g., parent, sibling, partner, child), you may qualify for FREE caregiver counseling sessions!

Caregiving can be a rewarding but stressful experience, with many caregivers benefiting from the support of counseling services. Topics generally include coping skills, education, connecting to community resources, help making decisions, addressing self-care, and finding support.

Caregiver Support Brochure in PDF format

General Mental Health Services and Psychotherapy

If you or a loved one are having a difficult time and would like some support, therapy services may be right for you!

Therapy can be effective for a number of issues, including life changes, relationships, depression, anxiety, age-related concerns (like coping with pain or cognitive decline), feeling lonely or isolated, and end-of-life concerns.

Neuropsychological Assessments

If you or a loved one are experiencing cognitive or memory difficulties, a neuropsychological assessment may be a helpful tool to determine the best course of action!

A neuropsychological assessment evaluates an individual’s functioning across a variety of different domains including cognitive, memory, language, motor, executive, emotional, and adaptive functioning. These assessments help to evaluate if there is a problem, the extent of the problem, potential causes of the problem, and to inform individualized treatment recommendations based on results.

Neuropsychological Assessment Brochure in PDF format

Senior Peer Counseling


The Aging Clinic of the Rockies is pleased to announce a new Senior Peer Counseling program that will connect older adults in Larimer County with trained paraprofessionals, who are also seniors.

These services are offered FREE of charge for residents of Larimer County. Sessions can take place wherever you and your counselor are most comfortable (e.g., at home, in a coffee shop, in our offices).

Senior Peer Counselors are volunteers who will be trained to provide emotional and support services and receive ongoing training and supervision. See attached brochure for more information.

Senior Peer Counseling Brochure in PDF format

About Us

Each therapist and team member at Aging Clinic of the Rockies shares a passion for improving the lives of older adults and their loved ones. We take a holistic approach to Client-Centered Care that includes counseling and assessment services that are tailored to meet each individual’s needs.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults and their loved ones, through the promotion of dignity and overall well-being.

Principles of Service

Providing Quality Mental Health Services.  We are dedicated to serving our public with evidence-based therapeutic mechanisms. Striving continually to improve our practices using assessment, research and evaluation to ensure quality service.

Utilizing Assessment to Guide Therapy and Services.  One of the main goals of ACoR is to help the family and the clients’ providers understand the client’s strengths and weaknesses to facilitate optimal care and to best guide care and communication.  We use neuropsychological assessment to establish baseline cognitive processing levels, determine whether the client may be at risk for progressive dementia and to guide services in the clients’ life.

Meeting Needs of our Community.  We are committed to the health of our clients and the community we serve. Each person seeking aid receives the therapeutic assistance they desire at an affordable cost.

Finding Meaning In Caregiving.  In addition to serving older adults in our community we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of those who care for elders. Our interventions are designed to address the needs of caregivers by increasing and improving :
·      Coping skills,
·      Self-care,
·      Decision making
·      Problem solving
 These techniques help caregivers cope with stress and strain of caregiving and focus on the strengths and noble meaning inherent in the caregiving role.


These core values guide our therapeutic process:
·      Respect
·      Trust
·      Integrity
·      Empowerment
·      Dignity
·      Diversity


The Aging Clinic of the Rockies is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of helping older adults and their families adjust to challenges that come with aging.

Image of Lynne McClellandOur Founder: Lynne McClelland, Psy. D., founded the Aging Center of the Rockies to provide quality mental health services tailored to the needs of older adults and their loved ones at a low cost. She became inspired during her doctoral work, where she realized there were limited opportunities for older adults and their families to receive services in Larimer County.  In 2007, she founded the first individual counseling program designed specifically for caregivers in Larimer County.  The service blossomed into the Aging Clinic of the Rockies thanks to Dr. Lynne McClelland’s passion for improving the quality of lives of older adults and their loved one.

Image of Tammi Vacha-HaaseUnder the guidance of our past director, Dr. Tammi Vacha-Haase, Licensed Psychologist, the Aging Clinic of the Rockies continued to impact the community by delivering low cost psychological services to older adults.  In addition, services have been vastly expanded to provide specialized counseling services for caregivers. The caregiver program in collaboration with the Larimer County Office on Aging is currently able to offer session at NO COST.

Image of Deana DavalosOur current director, Dr. Deana Davalos, Licensed Psychologist, has over a decade of experience in neuropsychological assessment and providing assessment services to older adults while serving as a neuropsychologist at the Center for Neurorehabilition Services in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She is also actively involved in research that focuses on identifying cognitive deficits and/or neurological and psychological disorders via neuropsychological assessment and neurophysiological recordings.  Dr. Davalos, along with her team at ACoR, are dedicated to providing high quality and interdisciplinary care to older adults in the area to facilitate healthy aging and by providing a place where older adults and their families can come for mental health care and assessment.

Director: Dr. Deana Davalos, Ph.D.

Image of Deana Davalos

Staff Therapists: Our therapist team is dedicated to increasing the well being of older adults through clinical practice, direct services, and gerontological research.  All therapists are supervised by a licensed psychologist.


CALL: (970) 491-6795

Fax: (970) 797-1921

Aging Clinic of the Rockies
Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging
151 W. Lake Street, Suite 1400
8021 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80524-8021


Directions to the Aging Clinic of the Rockies at CSU

Heading North on College Ave:

  1. From College turn LEFT onto Lake Street
  2. There is free parking to the left of Lake Street, and Pay for Parking in the parking garage to the right.

Heading North on Shields St:

  1. From Shields turn RIGHT onto Lake Street
  2. There is free parking to the right of Lake Street, and Pay for Parking in the parking garage to the left.

Suite 1400 is located on the first floor near the West/Max Stop entrance.

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    Preferred Contact Method

    Service of Interest

    Who can I can I call to get more information or make an appointment? 

    Call the Aging Clinic of the Rockies at (970) 491-6795

    Senior Peer Counseling


    The Aging Clinic of the Rockies’ Senior Peer Counseling program seeks to help older adults in Larimer County by connecting them with trained paraprofessionals, who are also seniors. As older adults themselves, peer counselors are often able to understand and connect with clients’ experiences in unique and meaningful ways.

    Although there are many positive aspects of aging, there can also be common difficulties including sadness, worry, loneliness, physical illness and disability, cognitive decline, and grief and loss. Peer counseling can often improve the quality of life and well-being of older adults through social connection, emotional support, and companionship. Senior peer counselors are warm, respectful, and kind, men and women over the age of 60, who trained and supervised by mental health professionals.

    If you are interested in volunteering as a peer counselor or getting more information about counseling services, please call Aging Clinic of the Rockies at (970) 491-6795!

    Caregiver Mentorship Program


    The Caregiver Mentorship Program will match you with an experienced caregiver mentor. Your mentor will provide FREE peer support to help you develop skills related to stress reduction and self-care, responding to caregiving challenges, and tapping into community resources, among others. Having a caregiver mentor could benefit you and your care recipient! One-on-one respite care is available for care recipients while caregivers take part in the program.

    If you are interested in taking part in the Caregiver Mentorship Program or volunteering as a Caregiver Mentor, please call the Aging Clinic of the Rockies at (970) 491-6795.

    Caregiver Support Program

    The Aging Clinic of the Rockies is proud to offer specialized services in the form of individual counseling to family caregivers of older adults. Thanks to our partnership with the Larimer County Office on Aging, with funding primarily through the Older Americans Act, we are able to offer up to 8 counseling sessions AT NO COST to clients.  To qualify, caregivers must be caring for an adult age 60 and older; in the case of early-onset dementia there is no minimum age requirement.  The caregiver does not need to live with the care recipient, but the recipient may not be living in an assisted living or long-term care facility.

    Neuropsychological Assessments

    Many older adults experience changes in memory or cognitive functioning as part of the normal aging process. However, some changes in functioning may be indicative of more serious problems. Neuropsychological assessments are a great way to gain better insight into cognitive strengths and weaknesses, in order to gain diagnostic clarity and assist in development of individualized treatment planning. Additionally, individuals who are not currently experiencing memory difficulties can benefit from using an evaluation as a baseline to monitor changes in functioning throughout the aging process.
    The assessment process typically includes an initial interview with the client and other loved ones (as appropriate), a review of previous records, and administration of a battery of neuropsychological tests. After completing the interviews and test battery, the clinician will generate a detailed assessment report that is reviewed with the client during a feedback session. The client can then share the professional report with doctors and other professionals, as appropriate, in order to aid in diagnostic clarity and ongoing treatment planning.

    General Mental Health Services and Psychotherapy

    Aging is a complex phenomenon, and at times can include coexisting physical and mental disorders.  Although many present to their primary care physician for treatment, most primary medical settings are designed to treat people with biologically based interventions.  Due to time constraints, physicians and other medical providers may not always be able to address the myriad of psychological concerns that may be either a direct result of the physical disorder or a pre-existing way of coping that has become more magnified as a result of the aging process.  The Aging Clinic of the Rockies stands ready to provide services that address the psychological needs of older adults.  We believe that our Client-Centered Care Model is a holistic approach that adds to the quality of life of our clients.

    How much do these services cost?

    General Services and Assessments

    The Aging Clinic of the Rockies is a non-profit clinic that offers counseling and assessment services to community members on an affordable sliding fee scale based on their gross annual family income and the number of dependents in their family.

    Caregiver Support Program

    Should caregiver clients desire to continue counseling past 8 sessions, fees for additional sessions will be based on the sliding scale fee structure.

    Senior Peer Counseling

    These services are offered FREE of charge for residents of Larimer County. This program is funded through a partnership between Colorado State University and Larimer County Office on Aging.

    In 2012, Joan Haase created the “Foundation for the Aging Clinic of the Rockies” in her husband’s memory, Albert M. Haase, through a generous donation to CSU.  Known for their giving spirits in the community, Joan and Albert were always willing to help others—whether it be offering someone vegetables from their garden, a ride to see family members, or a home cooked meal.  Their house was a welcoming place, where friends and family could stop by any time to say hello and enjoy lively discussion.  Following his stroke, Albert remained active in the community, helping others as much as possible.  Joan continued to care for Albert in their home until his death, more than a decade later after his first stroke.  During that time, the two of them gained a deep understanding of the challenges that the caregiver, as well as the care recipient experience.

    Joan and Albert Haase continued to demonstrate their life-long commitment to helping others through their generous donation to the Aging Clinic of the Rockies.  Their gift helps to support the clinic’s services offering counseling for caregivers of older adults.

    Image of Albert M. HaaseAlbert M. Haase (1929-2012)

    Image of Joan and Albert HaaseJoan and Albert Haase

    Offered through Colorado State University, the Aging Clinic of the Rockies is funded by donations from individuals, businesses, government agencies and foundations. Thanks to the continued support of the Larimer County Office on Aging, we are able to offer our caregiver program at no cost. The caregiver program offers eight free sessions valued at $80 each, saving clients a total of $640. The continued support of donors allows us to provide mental health services to older adults and their loved ones at little to no cost. Your generosity can help us continue providing low cost mental health services and enable our dream of expanding programs serving older adults in the community.
    Any donation given, no matter how small, will be used to further the reach of this clinic. All donations are used to provide direct services to the community.

    To support Aging Clinic of the Rockies efforts, click here. You can select the Aging Clinic of the Rockies from the dropdown list under Gift Information.