Image of IOPAC StudentsOur undergraduate student organizations include PSI CHI, PSA and MUGSS:

Psi Chi – This is the National Honor Society in psychology. Our Psi Chi chapter provides you with the opportunity to get connected with others who are interested in psychology through meetings and volunteer opportunities. Members get to learn more about psychology through graduate students, faculty, and renowned psychologists. You can join Psi Chi if you meet certain standards required by Psi Chi and the Association of College Honor Societies (a governing body for college honor societies).

PSA – PSA stands for the Psychology Student Alliance. It is an student-lead organization that partners with Psi Chi to host monthly meetings, service events, and social events for students interested in psychology. Undergraduates of any year and any major are welcome to join.

MUGSS – MUGSS stands for Mentoring Undergraduates to Graduate School Success. This new program is run by CSU’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology graduate student organization IOPAC.  The goal of MUGSS is to foster growth within the field of I/O psychology by helping undergraduates become competitive applicants to graduate programs.

Our graduate student organization is IOPAC. IOPAC – The Industrial/Organizational Psychology Association of Colorado (IOPAC) is the I/O graduate student organization at CSU. IOPAC’s Mission Statement is to promote professional development and growth within the field of I/O psychology, and to provide an arena for students in CSU’s graduate program to voice their ideas and concerns.

Campus Organizations