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Innovating throughout history: College of Natural Sciences

Take a look back at key moments in the history of the College of Natural Sciences.

Outstanding Grad: Faviola Robles-Saenz, College of Natural Sciences

A first-generation college student and a daughter of Mexican immigrants, north Denver native Faviola Robles-Saenz has never been one to take education and opportunity for granted.

Psychology graduate student receives 2019 Graduate Student Teaching and Mentoring Award

Ryan Rahm-Knigge, a graduate student studying counseling psychology, is the recipient of the 2019 College of Natural Sciences Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award.

‘I knew that was going to happen:’ Déjà vu and the ‘postdictive’ bias

CSU memory researchers document a “postdictive” bias in deja vu experiencers in the lab, and offer a plausible explanation for why it happens.

Current NewsLetter

Fall 2019 NewsletterImage of workers – We welcomed three new faculty member, studied worker safety and celebrated an outstanding graduate student.

Psychology Faculty recent awards, highlights, or publications (fall 2019)

Silvia Canetto:


Canetto, S. S., & Rezaeian, M. (2020). Protest suicide among Muslim women: A human-rights perspective. In M. E. Button & I. Marsh (Eds.), Suicide and social justice: New perspectives on the politics of suicide and suicide prevention. New York: Routledge.

Canetto, S. S. (2019). Teaching about women and gender from a transnational and intersectional feminist perspective. International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation, 8, 144-160.

Sigurvinsdöttir, R., Ullmann, S., & Canetto, S. S. (2019) (Advance online publication.).  Self-blame, psychological symptoms and suicidality among female African-American sexual assault survivors: A longitudinal study. Traumatology.

Anne Cleary:


I hosted a mini-conference here at CSU in June (June 18 & 19) called “Perceptual and Cognitive Illusions: Quirks of our Everyday Experience” at which about 60 people attended on each day. Cognitive psychologists traveled from all over the world to attend and present at this conference, and some members of the local public also attended.

Also in June, Carol Seger and I participated, along with New York composer and pianist Bruce Adolphe, in a public event on the cognitive and neural bases of music processing. The event was called “That Sounds Familiar.”

In July I gave a talk for the public at the Wolverine Publik House on Déjà vu and Other Strange Memory Phenomena. This talk was covered in the Rocky Mountain Collegian.

Also in July, I did an interview on Wisconsin Public Radio called “Déjà vu for your Ears.”éjà-vu-your-ears


McNeely-White, K.L. & Cleary, A.M. (2019). Music recognition without identification and its relation to déjà entendu: A study using “Piano Puzzlers.” New Ideas in Psychology, 55, 50-57.

Cleary, A.M., Huebert, A.M., McNeely-White, K.L. & Spahr, K.S. (2019). A postdictive bias associated with déjà vu. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Jennifer Harman:


Harman, J. J., Leder-Elder, S., & Biringen, Z. (in press). Prevalence of adults who are the targets of parental alienating behaviors and their impact: Results from three national polls. Child & Youth Services Review.

Lorann Stallones:


Recognized as an exceptional reviewer by The Journal of Rural Health for the period between July 2018 and June 2019


Fei G, Zhang X, Yang Y, Yao H, Yang J, Li H, Gao L, Zhou Y, Stallones L, Xiang H.(2019): Driving anger among motor vehicle drivers in China: A cross-sectional survey, Traffic Injury Prevention, 2019; DOI:10.1080/15389588.2019.1623396.

Jessi Witt:


Witt, J. K. (in press).  Introducing Hat Graphs.  Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications.

Witt, J. K. (in press).  Graph construction: An empirical investigation on setting the range of the y-axis.  Meta-Psychology.

Witt, J. K. (in press). Action’s Influence on Spatial Perception: Resolution and a Mystery.  Current Opinion in Psychology.

Witt, J. K. (2019). The Perceptual Experience of Variability in Line Orientation is Greatly Exaggerated.  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 45(8), 1083-1103.

Laitin, E. L., Tymoski, M. J., Tenhundfeld, N. L., & Witt, J. K. (2019).  The Uphill Battle for Action-Specific Perception.  Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 81, 778-793.

Witt, J. K. (2019).  Insights into criteria for statistical significance from signal detection analysis.  Meta-Psychology, 3, MP.2018.871.

Past NewsLetters

Spring 2019 Newsletter (PDF file)Image of Ed Delosh, Anne Cleary and Matt Rodes – Researchers uncover better ways to learn, we celebrate faculty achievements and alumni successes.

Fall 2018 Newsletter (PDF file)Image of two people holding hands – A relationship science conference was held at CSU, and B2B helped a student achieve their dream.

Spring 2018 Newsletter (PDF file)Behavioral Neuroscience Image – Dr. Irvin H. Perline has generously prepared a planned gift to the College.  We also celebrated several awards and presentations.

Jessi and Bryan newsletter image

Fall 2017 Newsletter (PDF file) – We celebrated Jessi’s and Bryan’s APA awards, welcomed Deborah Essert as the new PSC Director, and celebrated JobZology.

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