Advising Staff

Psychology undergraduate students are encouraged to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor each semester. Students and advisors work collaboratively, as partners, throughout the process of accomplishing students’ personal, academic and career goals. Once you enroll at CSU and attend Orientation, you are assigned a Psychology Academic Advisor.

Steps to Becoming a Psychology Undergraduate Student

Enroll at CSU by completing the admissions process at Admissions.

Complete the CSU orientation.

Begin your course work for the General Psychology Degree.

Meet with a Psychology Success Coordinator.

Optionally, choose a concentration other than the General Psychology Concentration.

CSU Students Who Wish to Change Their Major to Psychology

During the Summer 2024, to change (or explore the option of changing) your major to Psychology, you must schedule a Psychology Major Information Session with an advisor by calling 970-491-3799. Attending this session is required to make the switch. All questions will be answered during the session and the advisor will give you course recommendations and advising code. Advisors will not be available to meet with you prior to this session, but you are encouraged to review Psychology requirements here ahead of time: CSU Catalog.

Benefits of Academic Advising

  • Assistance with interpreting the Psychology degree program requirements
  • Assistance selecting and registering for courses
  • Referrals to other resources on and off-campus
  • Assistance interpreting forms and policies