Guidelines for off-campus CSU property use

With the inclusion of teleworking options at the College of Natural Sciences some employees may desire to work at home or other off-site location for some of their regularly scheduled work hours. The Department of Psychology recognizes that some telework arrangement may require some equipment support that can be provided with the allowance of computer equipment to be removed from campus. While it is a convenience, the department of Psychology does not guarantee equipment can be removed from campus and arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Chair of the department. Typically, equipment that is allowed to be taken home will consist of older items that would otherwise be retired and equipment that is peripheral in nature such as monitors, printers, webcams, etc… .

The University’s official policy regarding computer equipment use off-site resides at Business and Financial and covers capital equipment. The department of Psychology has opted to utilize the procedure for our internal use. Faculty and Staff who have identified computer equipment that may enhance an off-site work environment may complete the off-campus checkout form and send it to the Chair of the department for approval.

Computer equipment that is designed to travel such as laptop computers are not subject to complete forms or ask permission to remove from campus locations unless the item will be removed from campus and will not return to campus for an extended period of time.

Department Guidelines

• Before a faculty or staff member of the Department of Psychology would remove computer equipment from campus the faculty or staff member will complete the Off_campus_checkout_form.pdf form. The form will be sent to the Chair of the Department of Psychology and approved by the Chair before any equipment can be removed from CSU premises.
• Standalone desktop computers should not be taken out of original locations. In general, any computer taken home should be a portable/laptop device.
• Other than IT related property, in general no other items may be taken home (e.g., furniture).
• IT assistance will be available only on campus and will not be provided for personal computer equipment or equipment the department has allowed to be removed from campus.
• These guidelines, with the exception of the on-campus servicing requirement, do not apply to computer equipment purchased for use in research unless an expressly requested research computer setup is for off-campus use.
• New purchases of equipment for the express purpose of use at a home office are not allowed.
• New purchases of equipment for on campus use with the express purpose of shifting older existing equipment to use for a home office is not allowed, unless the Department’s IT professionals determine that the older equipment would be surplus.
• Purchasing of equipment to replace items that were taken home will not be approved by department staff without the permission of the department Chair.
• Users will be asked to assess equipment yearly by department IT staff. Department IT staff may request pictures of equipment at the time of assessment. Equipment will be returned after a 4-year period or a new off campus form will be created.
• The user is responsible for all transportation of the equipment to and from campus location.