Welcome to the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program at Colorado State University!

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Thank you for applying to CSU’s Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program! We hope you enjoy touring our facilities.

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We are housed in the Department of Psychology and the College of Natural Sciences. The main buildings affiliated with the program are the Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB), Clark Building, CSU Health Network, and Sage Hall.

The BSB is where many of the classes you will be taking in the program take place. The BSB is a great place for interdisciplinary collaboration, where you can interact with colleagues from other programs.

The Clark Building is where many of our graduate student offices are. In your first year in the program, you get the opportunity to share an office space with the other members of your cohort, where you get to bond and connect with your friends in the program.

CSU Health Network

CSU’s Health Network houses the university counseling center on campus. Graduate students in their second year of the program complete their first practicum at the Health Network. While at the Health Network, you can complete individual therapy with college-aged students, supervised by a licensed psychologist or by members of your cohort.

Sage Hall

Sage Hall houses the Psychological Services Center (PSC). The PSC is a community mental health agency affiliated with the Department of Psychology at CSU. Advanced students in the program complete their second practicums at this site. The PSC is also close to The Oval, so be sure to enjoy relaxing in the green grass while you’re in between clients!

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